Remember the days when “dress-up” was a little girls’ favorite game to play? Those dresses, heels, rings, hats... ah, what a feeling! The truth is, in each and every one of us ladies, young or old, there is still that “little girl” who wants to dress up and feel beautiful. Girls Will Be Girls Couture was created in 2001 with that feeling in mind. Glamorous, fun, flirty, sophisticated, chic and classy all describe what Girls Will Be Girls Couture is all about.

Girls Will Be Girls Couture was officially launched in January of 2001 and is owned and operated by me, Mari. It is the realization of my life-long dream of owning a store filled with clothes and accessories that will make women of every age look and feel simply stunning.

Each item you see here is handpicked by me, with inspiration I draw from the pages of fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and ideas I put together. I'm always on the lookout for up-and-coming designers who complement Girls Will Be Girls Couture’s style. Besides bringing you new items every week, it is also my top priority to make your shopping experience here at Girls Will Be Girls Couture unlike any other as you shop in an atmosphere where our fashion stylists/consultants are here to "DRESS YOU" and suggest ideas for your special event our outing!

I want to thank everyone who has supported GWBG Couture through all the years. Many amazing relationships have been created along with way. I would also like to thank my amazing husband, 2 kids and mom for allowing me to venture out and follow my dream.  I could not have done this without their help, support and amazing love!

With that, I thank you for visiting Girls Will Be Girls Couture and I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Happy shopping and always remember, after all ... Girls Will Be Girls

Much love,

Mari Villalobos

Girls Will Be Girls Couture

“Look & Feel Simply Stunning”